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Since Launching The Trade Room In July 2018, We Have Had An Incredible  500%+ Total Gains On Trades With A 61.9% Win Rate

Only in our Trade Room can you rub shoulders with Charlie, the original OG, 

and piggyback on the knowledge and expertise of our team of Trading Professionals with that astounding track record. So what are you waiting for?

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  • Education & Training

  • Up-to-the-Minute News

    Real Trading in Real Time as You Go About Your Busy Life



    • 24/7 access to the best minds in crypto trading — the ones who made those astounding profits — via our Discord room.

      They answer your questions and help you on your journey to become an expert trader.

    • Live real-time trade signals from our analysts that include:

    • What cryptocurrency exchange to use for a particular trade (and how to use it if you need the help)

    • How much of your stash to risk

    • Exactly where to enter each trade

    "Looks great on the 4H for a bounce. $XBT/USD long idea @here $11285. Stop Loss: $11150. Target: $11749"

    • Where to take profits on each trade

    • The best time to get out of a trade

    • Updates for each trade based on changing market conditions

    • Access to the in-depth analysis backing each trade

    • Access to our exhaustive cryptocurrency knowledge base

    • All of this done for you with our proprietary Synchronized Execution Platform. We do the work. You live your life.

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    "Volatility Means Profits, & Nothing Is More Volatile Than Crypto."

    To really succeed in crypto, you need to know how to profit on the way up and on the way down. The more volatility, the more profit there is to be made. With your IQ-Tradecraft subscription, we pick the coins that are ready to move and make profitable trades on both sides of the trend. You sit back while your account follows the pros. We do the trades. You live your life.

    - Charlie Shrem

    Try Charlie Shrem’s
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    Since It's Launch In July 2018, We Have Had A 61.9% Win Rate, With Over 500% Gains On Trades.

    Directional Percentage Gains (Unleveraged)​

    • April: 39.43% Profits On Trades

    • March: 33.96% Profits On Trades

    • February: 26.86% Profits On Trades

    • January: 44.23% Profits On Trades

    • December: 47.01% Profits On Trades

      • November: 46.89% Profits On Trades

      • October: 10.35% Profits On Trades

      • September: 38.27% Profits On Trades

      • August: 33.91% Profits On Trades

      • July 70.88% Profits On Trades

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        At Charlie Shrem’s Crypto.IQ, we’re different. We are the premier Professional Live Trade Room. No one else even comes close. We’ve been helping members to trade Crypto and have traded in front of thousands of aspiring traders from across the world. Real trading in real time.

        • All our trades are planned in advance and taken live.
        • All our entries, stops and limits can be clearly seen by our live trade room members beforehand.
        • All our trades are sent in advance to our members on a private Discord group where you can interact with Charlie and the rest of the IQ team pros.
        • And now, members can piggyback our trades through IQ-Tradecraft > the first-of-its-kind, Synchronized Execution Platform that allows them to instantly follow and track our trades through our proprietary software platform. This allows members to “set it and forget it” while still maintaining complete control of their assets.

        In Charlie Shrem’s Crypto.IQ Trade Room, our knowledge and our experience trading crypto’s volatility to profits in excess of 500% — during a crushing bear market.


        So Piggyback the pros and the OG himself, in the #1 Trade Room in Crypto.


        Want to know more about how we will help you succeed? Speak to us on Telegram now.

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        • Direct Access to Our Team of Expert Traders
        • LIVE CHAT with REAL TIME Buy and Sell Alerts
        • Access to our groundbreaking Synchronized Execution Platform.
        • Education & Training
        • Up-to-the-Minute News
        • Proprietary Market Indicators & Content

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        Exclusive Member Only Crypto News and Insights

        There are lots of places to get crypto news, but most are filled with propaganda from projects that you probably shouldn't be investing in. Typically, by the time it hits major news outlets, it's time to sell. We specialize in giving our members news and opinions ahead of what others will see in the news months from now.



        Synchronize your trading accounts with trading signals from our pros. Join IQ-Tradecraft.


        24/7 CHATROOM


        We've got hundreds of traders of all experience levels on 24/7 watching, teaching and learning from each other. It's a super high-value, motivated community looking out for each other. 



          Nothing compares to crypto for dynamic, monster moves. Multiple double digit trade returns in a single day. Up 500% the last 10 months.



          Charts, messages and videos delivered live featuring market updates, watchlists, price and coin analysis.

            "We don't just tell you when to buy and sell to maximize profits. Our Synchronized Execution Platform does the work while you live your life."

            Bill Noble Crypto.IQ Trader (Professional Trader 28 years.)

            Our traders, each a standout in the field, offer up their expertise every day, giving you MORE THAN A CENTURY of trading experience, and performance at the highest levels.

            Portfolio and Market Intelligence

            The toolkit every trader should have. Gain access to arbitrage opportunities, coverage on the futures and derivatives markets. We’ll help you organize your portfolio and gain exclusive insights on market opportunities.

            Follow the Crypto Trading Pros Effortlessly with

            Our Members Say...

            Thanks @CIQ~Hornhairs … made more in this trade than I made at my day job today. 👍☺ 😎

            Art Gadomski

            I've never had a trade go this well, so I'm crossing every T, thanks for your patience. 👊👊

            Travis Shallow

            For sure! And for real, this is a super high vibe and professional chat group here, so props to you for moderating and leading the way. I'm sure you also know what most social media groups are like, so it's great to have a shining exception here. 

            John Tittman

            I owe my first profitable short to you. 👏 

            Daniel Stewart

            Along with giving entries and exits, the Crypto.IQ Trade Room teaches you to find your own entries and manage risk, giving you the confidence to make your own trades.



            Mike M.

            I really do thank you for the time you have spent helping me learn… I look at this and realize I had zero risk management skills and was basically gambling, but over the last year or so, I’ve been able to consistently stack gains despite my losses, and it’s an amazing feeling!

            Overcooked Panda

            Charlie Shrem

            Bitcoin pioneer, a social economist, and a digital currency trader

            Charlie Shrem is a Bitcoin pioneer, a social economist, and a digital currency trader. He is currently the host of the popular podcast Untold Stories and the subject of the bestselling book “Bitcoin Billionaires.” Charlie’s work in the cryptocurrency space is legendary.


            In 2011, at the dawn of the crypto era, he founded BitInstant, the first and largest Bitcoin company. In 2013, he was a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation and served as its vice chairman. Since then, Charlie has advised dozens of digital currency companies, launched and managed numerous partnerships between crypto and non-crypto companies, and become the go-to guy on crypto for some of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs.


            He started Crypto.IQ to create the premier cryptocurrency trading and advisory firm, providing expert research, education and advice in the world of crypto assets along with building the best performing trade desk in cryptocurrency. Charlie lives in Sarasota, Florida with his wife, Courtney, and his dog Baz.

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            • Exhaustive Crypto Knowledge Database

            • Month to Month with No Contract


            $1797 (two free months)

            • Live Market Commentary

            • Real Time Crypto Alerts

            • 24/7 Community 

            • Set it and forget it trading with IQ-Tradecraft

            • Daily Crypto Digest 

            • Private Discord Chat Room w/Charlie

            • Exhaustive Crypto Knowledge Database

            • Pay in Bitcoin and Receive an Additional 10% Discount

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